COC&I Executive Board

We are here for biker's rights and freedom, on and off the road!
  1. hdghf
    SFJ John
    Vice Chairman
  2. Outcasts MC Cass
  3. Lost Inc. MC Loop
    Information Liaison Officer / Secretary
  4. Sisters Eternal WMC- Rave
  5. Amigos MC Porkchop
    Sergeant at Arms
  6. Los Muertos MC Halfbreed
    Interim Sergeant at Arms
  7. Webmaster
  8. Strong Arm MC Joker
    Sport Bike Liaison
  9. Mascareros MC Eric
    Sport Bike Liaison - W,N,& NW Regions
  10. Strong Arm MC Joker
    Sport bike liaison - S,SW & E Regions
  11. SFJ MC - John
  12. Valkyrie Jinx
    Women’s Club Liaison