Confederation of Clubs Goals
  • Bring Motorcycle Enthusiast Together
  • Communication between clubs.
  • For more details on the process contact information liaison for COC&I Region
  • A Grass roots organization monitoring the judicial system to protect motorcycle enthusiast rights through the courts. "We the People"

Fight Profiling, Harassment and Discrimination
  • Introduce anti-discrimination legislation, similar to the Unruh Act in California, in Confederation States that presently leave bikers unprotected; A.I.M. attorney to work with state motorcycle rights organization (MRO) on new laws.
  • Form delegation of patch holders and other affected bikers, that together with their local A.I.M. attorney, present police harassment grievances to the police chief and/or civic entity responsible.
  • Discriminatory establishments notified by the A.I.M. attorney that suit will be filed if they don't cease and desist.

Proclamation of Intent
  • Working with local state MRO on legislative matters (ie. helmet issues, anti-biker discrimination, etc).
  • Working with the National Coalition of Motorcyclists on national and federal matters (ie. helmet issues, federal Gang Bill, etc).
  • Support Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) by introducing the A.I.M. numbered card (special card only for patch holders) and program to the members and allowing A.I.M. to set up at events.